Affiliate Instructions

Get Set Up in 4 Easy Steps

To start earning your commission from sales of the book, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1

Set up your e-Junkie affiliate account here:
It’s free.

Step 3

Click on ‘Edit Profile’ in the top left of your screen and add your name, your PAYPAL email (so you can receive commission) and if you have a website then add that too. Click APPLY.

Step 4

Then click on ‘Affiliate Programs’ in the top left corner. Now select the merchant – Susanne Mitchell Naked Truth Books. Stay on this page and scroll to the next action (below this).

Select the product – The Naked Truth About PERIMENOPAUSE and the page will unfold with some yellow code links. Just copy (and save) the TEXT-LINK link somewhere as this is what you will use to share the book. It’s your own personal link and so every sale that is completed through this link will earn you 20% commission!

If you have a website or are tech savvy you can use the other code to create buttons etc.

Now it’s up to you where you choose to share it. Send it to friends on your email list, write a review somewhere and include the link, share it in your Facebook Groups or on your profile, Instagram, Twitter or wherever you hang out online and earn as you go.

Thanks for becoming part of the team.


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