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Why I Wrote a Book About Perimenopause

Our hormones can fluctuate wildly through our forties and that transition is perimenopause. When we don’t get the help we need, our fluctuating hormones can affect: Our jobs, our mental health, our families, our relationships (our sex-lives) and our general wellbeing.

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The Truth About The Transition to Menopause

Perimenopausal symptoms can ambush us from our early 40s through the transition to menopause. Disrupted sleep, fluctuating emotions and other embarrassing concerns are often under-recognised or dismissed by doctors who write us off as ‘depressed, anxious’ or even ‘hysterical’.

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Feeding our Wellbeing on Mental Health Day

As we count down to World Mental Health Day tomorrow, how’s your headspace?   With family overseas and my daughter in lockdown in Melbourne, like everyone through this pandemic, I’m missing many of those I love. And also aware I must keep my mental health buoyant by taking time to do things that feed my

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How to Self-Actualise During Social Isolation

The self-improvement market is saturated with advice on reaching our highest potential and despite the premise setting expectations we may never realise, there is great value in the proposition. Why? Because our lives are far more meaningful when we take action to explore the infinite possibilities that the world offers.

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What Readers Say: The Naked Truth About YOU

I’ve been lucky to have some wonderful readers give their time and read my book, The Naked Truth About YOU: Find the Courage to Reveal the Awesome Person You Were Born to Be. Here are some of the things they said:‘I’ve finished your book and I loved it, what a beautifully crafted piece of work. Your storytelling is so visual, and that’s a really enjoyable way to read.’

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Sharing Our Everyday Wisdom

You are invited to join a community of people who raise each other up, by sharing our stories and experiences, so we can live to our best potential each and every day. Let’s talk about this: if we can understand what fuels our everyday actions, thoughts and emotions and increase our self-awareness, then we all have the freedom to live a truly authentic life.

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