The Naked Truth About YOU is one woman’s search for answers to our greatest challenge: how to create a life of purpose, love, connection while contributing to society and reaching your highest potential.

But living in our over-scheduled world, managing family, careers, technology, and ongoing stress, many people find there’s simply nothing left to give. How can we possibly achieve a worthwhile life?

In this compelling blend of memoir and today’s hottest self-development topics, Susanne Mitchell – writer, storyteller and media professional – weaves a potent thread of philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience through an engaging narrative of true stories.

Using humour, profound insight, and an easygoing down-to-earth wisdom, she reveals her innermost secrets while encouraging you, the reader, to disrobe and take an honest look at your own naked truth.

A self-professed kitchen sink philosopher, Susanne guides you to understand what fuels your everyday actions, thoughts and emotions and clearly demonstrates how increased self-awareness offers the freedom to live a truly authentic life.

After hitting her middle years weighed down by the overwhelming demands of life, depression, divorce, and chronic disease, this mother of two took a dramatic face-plant into crisis. Her choices were to give up and die, continue living in beige-toned mediocrity while quietly falling apart, or shed her heavy superwoman cape to understand who she really was underneath the bluff and bravado.

What are the vital and elusive ingredients to creating a kick-arse life? Courageously pulling on her big-girl knickers, Susanne shares the secrets she discovered with you.

‘It’s brilliant. Gripping. Insight filled. Moving. Funny. Empathetic. Heart breaking. Hair-raising. Entertaining and surprisingly funny. Reading this book is a big experience. It’s a profound take on the most important subject facing humans now. Having something clear, fresh, relevant, and powerful to say about it is not a small thing. This book is very important. It might save lives. No, it will save lives. And it will change lives.’
Darren Bender

Lone Wolf Pictures, British TV Producer, Director and ex-commissioning editor at Channel 4

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