Susanne Mitchell is a writer, media professional, self-professed kitchen sink philosopher and author of The Naked Truth About YOU. She has helped businesses tell authentic stories through written and video content via her own small media consultancy.

With 30 years’ experience working with broadcasters including the BBC, Disney, ABC Australia and NBC America on feature films, documentaries, and television drama, Susanne has mingled with movie stars and travelled with legendary bathrobe-wearing former prime ministers. She’s also mentored young humans, edited a magazine, and interviewed a host of celebrities.

A creative storyteller and communicator, Susanne was once a small girl who believed that dough grew on trees. She is interested in the human condition, waxing lyrical over coffee with friends, perplexed shop assistants, or even strangers at bus stops. Susanne will engage with anyone and everyone in her search for answers to our greatest challenge – how to live a life of purpose, love, and connection while contributing to society and reaching our highest potential.

Susanne firmly believes that human-to-human connections are the heart and soul of society and our world, so we should talk more about stuff that matters have the humility to laugh at our human foibles. Susanne is passionate about her work and loves the challenge of changing hearts and minds with authentic and creative storytelling.

She’s an ordinary woman on a quest to improve who we are and how we choose to live. She is the mother of two young adults and currently resides in Sydney with her partner Nick, son Rowan, two Burmese cat-dogs and a rescue hound called Crumpet.
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