How to Self-Actualise During Social Isolation

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The self-improvement market is saturated with advice on reaching our highest potential and despite the premise setting expectations we may never realise, there is great value in the proposition.

Why? Because our lives are far more meaningful when we take action to explore the infinite possibilities that the world offers.

Right now the world only seems to offer uncertainty and limiting social isolation. In fact, it’s giving us the perfect opportunity to self-reflect and plan for our lives post-pandemic.

For the first month of Corona-chaos, I did not fulfil my potential. Not at all. I was supposed to be writing book promo materials but after falling sick and suffering breathing difficulties I was admitted to hospital …

With the current uncertainty across the world there’s a lot to be concerned about right now as we all try and prepare for an uncertain future.

As we find the time to reflect on our individual ‘new normal’, many people are asking themselves; why haven’t I become the person I believed I might be? How did I stray so far away from my earlier ideals and dreams?

I address these questions in The Naked Truth About YOU. In the book I’ll take you on a journey to discover the vital and elusive ingredients to creating a kick-arse life.

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