Why I Wrote a Book About Perimenopause

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Find out about my latest book, The Naked Truth About PERIMENOPAUSE

Are you a woman in your 40s or beyond? I’m Susanne Mitchell and I’m an author writing about midlife and menopause.

Our hormones can fluctuate wildly through our forties and that transition is perimenopause. I was on an emotional rollercoaster with mood swings, memory fog, aching joints and fatigue.

Yet I had no idea it was perimenopausal symptoms, and neither did my doctors. It wasn’t until the hot flashes kicked in that I realised what was going on. It’s why I wrote a book, The Naked Truth About Perimenopause.

The importance of hormones

Through my research, I discovered some eye-opening information that should be available to every woman. Including why testosterone is such a vital hormone and how it helped me.

And I wanted to explore why the medical profession so often dismiss or under-recognise symptoms of hormonal deficiency. We get told we are stressed or anxious, even depressed.

We shouldn’t have to fight for our hormonal health As a result of this lack of understanding of midlife symptoms, many women end up sedated with antidepressants through their forties. It makes me SO MAD.

Because at this point we need HELP to work out the best way to manage the transition and the knowledge to understand the process.

Perimenopause influences everything

When we don’t get the help we need, our fluctuating hormones can affect:

Our jobs, our mental health, our families, our relationships (our sex-lives) and our general wellbeing. We get cranky and our behaviour can become erratic. Then our lives start to fall apart, not just our bodies.

I did the research so you don’t have to

After seeking answers from leading experts in women’s health, I found conflicting evidence and differences of medical opinion, and that there’s far more at play than it seems.

I’ll give you context to ‘conventional medical thinking’. And explain the very real gender biases women face in the treatment of our hormonal health.

I investigate HRT, testosterone, and thyroid. Plus bioidentical and compounded hormones. I also look at non-hormone medications, natural and complementary therapies. I’ll give you tips for finding a sympathetic doctor, plus what to take with you to your appointment.

This book is for every woman (and those who love her) who want to understand the challenges we face approaching menopause and take back control of their health and their lives.

In fact, it’s published on the 19th January 2021 but I’ve got a presale right now so you can buy a copy for half price until Sunday 17th Jan. An e-book for half price.

Go out and get yourself one: 

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