What Readers Say: The Naked Truth About YOU

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I’ve been lucky to have some wonderful readers give their time and read my book, The Naked Truth About YOU: Find the Courage to Reveal the Awesome Person You Were Born to Be.

As a storyteller and kitchen-sink philosopher, I take readers on my quest towards improved self-understanding and guide them––with laughter and tears—through a deep questioning of the choices we make in life.

It is about helping people find the courage and understanding to make the often difficult choices necessary to fulfil their human potential and remain true to who they are.

Here’s what my test readers had to say:

‘I’ve finished your book and I loved it, what a beautifully crafted piece of work. Your storytelling is so visual, and that’s a really enjoyable way to read.’

‘The book is unique in the way that you dare to bare but you also illustrate the line between where we fall down or go wrong and where we can arrive if we find a way to be about ourselves.’

Your book is important. I am not kidding when I say it will save lives. There are times in my life when I could have found it and gained years of my life with focus instead of misery.

‘It is a gripping collection of short narratives but each chapter is also a guide to living more authentically and more enjoyably. It is packed with as many great anecdotes as it is with invaluable life advice from someone who has seen and felt every loss, especially the loss of themselves.’

‘I like how you introduce your story first and then turn to the readers for what they can do in owning their story too.’

‘If I had read the book a few years ago I think I could have sorted a few things and enjoyed the last few years instead of suffering crippling self-doubt, with the inevitable inertia that comes from not getting another perspective on what is happening and why it is happening to me.’

‘You’ve made me laugh, cry and think. And that thinking has undoubtedly brought up more thoughts and feelings … a lot of great perspective and things to utilise in my life.’ #stopworrying #bemorelikepooh #acceptance

‘I read most of it over a two-day period and that’s not usual for me to read so fast, I mean that it flowed and kept me interested in finding out more. Your story in particular is compelling and I think many, many people can relate to the inner struggles and how they manifest to external struggles until we work through them.’

‘The way you introduce each chapter is lovely, warmly and personably written and therefore engaging.’

‘I wish I had read a book like yours many years ago. The honesty of your sharing is so refreshingly authentic that I know I can trust your suggestions for things to consider.’


Now I don’t need to tell you that the world is in a period of rapid change and discontent. With current uncertainty in political and economic climates and the sweeping devastation of our natural habitat, there’s a lot to be concerned about.

I write these words after fires and storms have recently devastated my adopted country, COVID-19 runs rampant and millions of people are living in isolation or displaced from their communities across the world.

Many people are asking themselves, what the hell happened? Why haven’t I become the person I believed I might be? How did I stray so far away from my earlier ideals and dreams?

I address these questions in The Naked Truth About YOU. I’ll take you on a journey to discover the vital and elusive ingredients to creating a kick-arse life. 

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